Using Your Alfred 3 Corporate License

In order to better serve our business customers, we provide a corporate licensing scheme, which allows companies to buy discounted license seats in bulk and efficiently distribute them to their teams.

Take a look below for details on activating your Alfred 3 corporate license, or upgrading from an Alfred 2 corporate license.

Minimum requirements for upgrade

The minimum requirements for activating your corporate license on Alfred 3 are:

  • macOS 10.9+ on your Mac
  • Alfred version 3.0.2+ (downloaded from
  • Your Alfred 3 Corporate License code (provided by your company's license administrator)

Activating your Alfred 3 Corporate License

Follow the appropriate instructions as a new or existing user:

New Alfred users

If you've never installed Alfred on your Mac before, download Alfred 3 (v3.0.2 or higher) from and install it on your Mac.

Once you've installed Alfred 3, launch Alfred's preferences to the Powerpack tab. Click the "Activate your Powerpack" button in the middle of the screen, and enter your details.

When entering your email address, the domain must match the domain for which the corporate license was registered. For example, if my corporate domain is, I’ll enter and the four-line license code issued for the company.

Powerpack preferences with email address entered

Ensure you have an Internet connection when clicking the “Activate” button so that your activation can successfully complete.

Existing Alfred 2 users

It's quick and effortless to upgrade to Alfred 3 from an existing Alfred 2 license. Keep Alfred 2 on your Mac until you've migrated your preferences to Alfred 3 and you're satisfied that your essential workflows are all working in Alfred 3.

Make sure you have your company's Alfred 3 corporate license code before you begin your upgrade.

Download Alfred 3 (v3.0.2 or higher) from and install it on your Mac.

When you first launch Alfred 3, you will be asked to enter your new Alfred 3 corporate license details. Ensure you have an Internet connection when clicking the “Activate license” button so that your activation can successfully complete.

Alfred 3 license check

You'll then be presented with the Migration Assistant options. Leave both boxes checked to migrate your Alfred 2 preferences to Alfred 3 fully.

Alfred 3 Migration Assistant

Alfred 3 will then launch and you'll be good to go!

More information on corporate licensing

If you are a corporate license user and have questions regarding your team's license, please contact the license administrator within your company. For questions relating to Alfred features, take a look at the help documentation and Alfred Forum to discover the many features you now have access to.

If you are the license administrator, you can contact us on to top up your team's license or for more information.

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