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Alfred 5 Early Access

Alfred 5 brings a wealth of exciting features for both new and advanced users. We're so happy to share these with you after many months of intense development and testing!

Alfred 5 is now out of Early Access. You can download Alfred 5 and purchase a Powerpack license to take advantage of all of these new features!

Take a look at the new features on the Sneak Peek page for a glimpse of what's new!

Getting Started with Alfred 5

What is Early Access?

Before releasing Alfred 5 to everyone, you can help us put the release through its paces and play the new features to ensure everything is running perfectly before General Release.

We've been using Alfred 5 every day for a few months, so you can use it confidently as your stable, daily use version. :)

Buying or upgrading to an Alfred 5 license

To participate in Early Access, you'll need an Alfred 5 Powerpack license.

We've created a new checkout for those who want to get their license now;

You'll be issued your Alfred 5 license details by email; Note that this is a special Early Access checkout, different from the one linked across our site.

Mega Supporters and users who purchased their license in 2022 are eligible for a free upgrade; You can request your Alfred 5 license via the Upgrade page.

If you purchased before 2022, you're eligible for a discounted upgrade, so go ahead and upgrade to make the most of Alfred 5's brilliant features!

In terms of Mac compatibility, we recommend macOS 10.14 Mojave and above.

Installing and setting up Alfred 5

During Early Access, you can get the latest Alfred 5 build here.

When you first launch Alfred 5, you'll see the Onboarding screen, which will guide you through entering your Alfred 5 license details, granting permissions and setting your sync location.

Onboarding screen

Alfred 4 and 5 can cohabitate quite happily; You cannot run both apps at the same time, but you can switch between them, and keep both installed for now.

You can share the same preferences between the two versions, or you can opt to duplicate or create new preferences for Alfred 5, so that you can test more actively without affecting your Alfred 4 preferences.

When uninstalling, we don't recommend using "app cleaners", as Alfred 4 & 5 share underlying files, so app cleaners may remove files essential to Alfred 5.

Migrating your preferences & granting permissions

Alfred will walk you through the necessary steps to migrate your preferences and grant him the permissions during onboarding.

You can refer to our guide to granting Alfred permissions in macOS for more details.

You can back up your Alfred 4 preferences beforehand if you'd like to be able to revert to them later.

Where can I find documentation on the new features?

To get you started, here are some resources about the new features:

The full documentation is currently being written in preparation for the General Release.

If you have any questions about these new features, pop by the forum where you'll find an Early Access subforum where you can ask any questions you have and let us know if you've encountered any issues.

Please note that during Early Access, the emphasis is on helping us iron out any bugs and ensure Alfred 5 is running smoothly.

Got any questions or need to report any issues? Pop by the Early Access forum section with any questions on getting your workflows ready for Alfred 5.

A few notes for workflow developers

Alfred 5 introduces new Workflow features and extends current ones. While it is possible to create and modify Workflows in Alfred 5 and have them open in Alfred 4, it's preferable not to because you may be introducing a change which won't translate.

If you're a Workflow creator using Alfred 5's Early Access but still need to support Alfred 4, it is best to keep their Preferences separate (you can define different sync locations).

To switch quickly between major versions, you can use a simple "Alfred Switch" Workflow which closes the currently open Alfred and starts the other one.

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