Finding Safari bookmarks in Alfred results

This knowledge base entry will help diagnose why your Safari bookmarks may not be showing in Alfred's default results as you expect them to.

Include bookmarks in your default results

First, open Alfred's preferences to the Features > Default Results tab and tick the Bookmarks checkbox to include it in your results.

Note that Alfred searches Safari's bookmarks only by default. To search bookmarks in Google Chrome, take a look at the Chrome Bookmarks workflow instead.

Default Result Types

Ensure your search scope is correct

Your bookmarks are stored in ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/ by OS X.

By default, this path is included in the search scope, but if you've removed it, be sure to re-add it manually.

Default Search Scope

Re-create Safari metadata

If the steps above don't resolve your issue, it's possible that the Safari bookmarks' metadata has become corrupted on your Mac.

Here's how you can refresh the metadata (this will not delete your browser bookmarks)

  • Quit Safari
  • Navigate to ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/
  • Delete the contents of this folder (which should be /Safari/)
  • Re-launch Safari and you'll see this folder populate again

Once the folder has re-populated, your Safari bookmarks will once again be available in your search results.

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