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The documentation for Alfred v1 is no longer available, however, many of the concepts are very similar to Alfred 2. Take a look at the sidebar to navigate to the equivalent Alfred 2 documentation.

Alfred is no longer distributed through the Mac App Store

To upgrade to the latest version of Alfred, download Alfred directly from

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Upgrade to Alfred 2

We improved each and every feature to make you more productive, and still have a free core version. You can even import your v1 settings.

Whether you're using Alfred to speed up searching your own Mac, finding answers online or used the v1 extensions, you'll find your favourite feature revamped and more awesome in Alfred 2.

If you've got a v1 Powerpack license, get a discounted upgrade to Alfred 2 by entering your v1 license details here.

If you previously used the free version of Alfred from our website or the Mac App Store, join the squillions of people worldwide who love their boosted productivity by buying a Powerpack license too.

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