Alfred is, for me, Just Right. It can do a lot more than Spotlight, but it doesn’t overwhelm you with options or intimidate you with complexity.

Dan Miller , Macworld

Alfred is one of the apps I immediately install on any Mac I'll use for a length of time. It's a huge time saver with a very devoted team behind it. I recommend Alfred highly.

Dave Caolo , TUAW

Alfred is a powerful tool to have at your disposal on the Mac. Like OS X’s Spotlight search on particularly powerful steroids, it allows you to do all sorts of things from a simple command line.


Alfred now has an awesome extension system that is driving its ever expanding usefulness and numerous improvements to other features. There are only two types of Mac users: those that use Alfred and those that should use Alfred.

Mac AppStorm

I use Alfred every day. It gives me a warm feeling to see the little bowler hat in the menu bar. The developer seems to be putting his heart and soul into this; It's definitely earned my Macbreak Weekly Pick of the Week!

Leo Laporte , This Week in Tech

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