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Change Log

Please note that the Change Log covers all changes including Powerpack-only features. To enjoy all that Alfred has to offer, be sure to buy a Powerpack license. :)

Alfred 5.0.3 Pre-release

Build 2083, Wednesday 28th September 2022

Alfred 5.0.2

Build 2073, Monday 29th August 2022

Alfred 5.0.1

Build 2067, Wednesday 27th July 2022

Alfred 5.0

Build 2057, Wednesday 13th July 2022




Universal Actions


Changes made during the Alfred 5 Early Access

Alfred 5.0 GM1

Build 2057, Wednesday 13th July 2022

Alfred 5.0 EA11

Build 2053, Tuesday 12th July 2022

Alfred 5.0 RC1

Build 2050, Monday 11th July 2022

Alfred 5.0 EA10

Alfred 5.0 EA9

Alfred 5.0 EA8

Alfred 5.0 EA7

Alfred 5.0 EA6

Alfred 5.0 EA5

Alfred 5.0 EA4

Alfred 5.0 EA3

Alfred 5.0 EA2

The Alfred 4 Change Log is still available for your browsing pleasure!

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