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Please note that the Change Log covers all changes including Powerpack-only features. To enjoy all that Alfred has to offer, be sure to buy a Powerpack license. :)

Alfred 3.4

Build 850, Monday 19th June 2017

Clipboard and Snippets


File System


General Improvements

Alfred 3.3.2

Build 818, Monday 11th April 2017

Alfred 3.3.1

Build 806, Monday 27th February 2017

Alfred 3.3

Build 801, Wednesday 1st February 2017

Clipboard and Snippets



File System

Alfred Remote

General Improvements

Alfred 3.2.1

Build 768, Thursday 8th December 2016

General Improvements


Clipboard and Snippets

File System

Alfred 3.2

Build 759, Tuesday 8th November 2016


Clipboard and Snippets

File System

1Password Integration

General Improvements

Alfred 3.1.1

Build 736, Saturday 17th September 2016

General Improvements

Clipboard and Snippet Improvements

Alfred 3.1

Build 718, Tuesday 30th August 2016


General Improvements

Alfred 3.0.3

Build 694, Monday 18th July 2016


Clipboard and Snippets

General Improvements

Alfred 3.0.2

Build 676, Tuesday 14th June 2016

Corporate Licensing

General Improvements

Alfred 3.0.1

Build 671, Tuesday 31st May 2016

Snippet Improvements

Clipboard Improvements

Workflow improvements

General improvements and fixes

Alfred 3.0

Build 652, Thursday 19th May 2016

We've updated almost every aspect of Alfred for this huge release as you can see from this extensive change log.

While we've added many new features, there have also been numerous improvements under the hood, with extensive code analysis. As such, the downloadable file has been reduced in size by nearly 40% (less than 3MB at the point of release) and you will find Alfred to be faster than ever, with a tiny memory footprint.

General Improvements


Workflows have received a significant upgrade in Alfred 3, with new "Getting Started" guides available from the + button, exploring many of the new abilities.

Overhaul to the workflow architecture

Brand new Workflow editor

Improved Debugging

Improved workflow import

New Workflow objects

Updated Workflow objects

Workflow environment variables

Clipboard History and Snippets

Theming and Appearance

File Search and Navigation

System Commands

Contacts Integration

Web Searches


The Alfred 2 Change Log is still available for your browsing pleasure!

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