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Please note that the Change Log covers all changes including Powerpack-only features. To enjoy all that Alfred has to offer, be sure to buy a Powerpack license. :)

Alfred 4.3 Pre-release

Build 1195, Monday 30th November 2020

Alfred 4.2.1

Build 1187, Friday 13th November 2020

Alfred 4.2

Build 1180, Wednesday 28th October 2020

Alfred 4.1.1

Build 1172, Tuesday 1st September 2020

Alfred 4.1

Build 1167, Thursday 9th July 2020

Workflow Changes

Snippets and Clipboard




General fixes and improvements

Alfred 4.0.9

Build 1144, Friday 20th March 2020

macOS Catalina improvements

UX and General fixes

Alfred 4.0.8

Build 1135, Friday 17th January 2020

Alfred 4.0.7

Build 1131, Tuesday 17th December 2019

Alfred 4.0.6

Build 1124, Friday 8th November 2019

Alfred 4.0.5

Build 1118, Tuesday 15th October 2019

Alfred 4.0.4

Build 1111, Friday 13th September 2019

Alfred 4.0.3

Build 1092, Thursday 4th July 2019

Alfred 4.0.2

Build 1088, Monday 17th June 2019

Alfred 4.0.1

Build 1078, Thursday 30th May 2019

Alfred 4.0

Build 1076, Wednesday 29th May 2019

General changes


Preferences Search



Improved Workflow debugger

New Workflow objects

Improvements and new features for existing Workflow objects

Placeholder syntax enhancements

General Workflow improvements





System Commands

File System

Web Searches

Large Type



The Alfred 3 Change Log is still available for your browsing pleasure!

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