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Guides and Tutorials

Once you've browsed Alfred's features in the Preferences, you can delve deeper into customising Alfred with these great guides and tutorials.

Look for Question Mark Icons: In every Preferences section, you'll find a question mark icon. Clicking it will take you to the help page for that particular feature.

Start Searching with Alfred

A look at Alfred 5's new features

Creating and Using Workflows

Discovering Workflows? You'll find Getting Started guides and examples in Alfred's Workflows preferences. Click the [+] at the bottom of the sidebar and select Getting Started guides to see workflows in action.

A few simple guides to help you get started:

These slightly more advanced guides will help you make the most of workflows:

Get Productive

Using Alfred Remote for iOS

Tips & Tricks

In Alfred, type "?hotkeys", "?keywords" or the question mark followed by the name of a feature, workflow, snippet, custom search, etc to bring up the relevant results.

Take a look at the Alfred Cheatsheet to see a list of all the default hotkeys, keywords and shortcuts you can use.

Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks:

You'll also find Tips and Tricks on the Alfred blog! :)

Latest Blog Post:

Search Automation Tasks in Workflows

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