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Alfred Showcase

Not only do these great apps integrate beautifully with Alfred, the folks on their team have also shared with us how they use Alfred to improve their own productivity.

Zendesk Showcase

Maxime Prades

Director of Product at Zendesk

"Alfred has become an integrated part of my daily workflow. The best thing about a tool like Alfred is the open platform, the fact that you can build your own private workflows super easily, and that's a game changer."

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Shopify Showcase

Balthazar Simões

Support Team Lead at Campaign Monitor

"Alfred is like the perfect waiter: it waits there out of the way until just when you need it and then it appears, as if anticipating your every need. I don’t need to think about using Alfred; I don’t need to worry about it crashing or not working. Alfred simply does what I ask and then politely steps aside."

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Shopify Showcase

James Bull

Design Lead at Shopify

"It's crazy to think, but I probably use Alfred 100x or more in my day. The custom workflows, web searches, clipboard history, file search, app launcher, preference syncing, spell check, dictionary support, and more make it so damn useful."

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Spotify Showcase

Mattias Arrelid

Director of SDK at Spotify

"It feels pretty amazing to have almost limitless functionality at the tip of your fingers at a cost that’s close to zero in terms of setup and complexity. I don’t even want to think about how much time people spend repeating dull operations in their everyday work-life, when they could be using workflows instead."

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Automattic Showcase

Ryan Cowles

Happiness Engineer at Automattic

"Alfred has proven to be an invaluable tool. It is productivity and efficiency rolled into one single app. I can’t imagine my day without it!"

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Alfred in the Press

"Alfred is such an essential, efficient part of my work day that I don’t even think about it. I simply activate it, get the information I want, and keep working. It's irreplaceable on my Mac."

AppleWorld.Today Logo Dave Caolo, AppleWorld.Today

"I’ve tried many app launchers for OS X over the years, but I keep coming back to Alfred. It offers a fantastic mix of power user features and simplicity – I simply can’t use my Mac without Alfred." Logo Federico Viticci,

"I use Alfred every day. It gives me a warm feeling to see the little bowler hat in the menu bar. The developer seems to be putting his heart and soul into this; It's definitely earned my Macbreak Weekly Pick of the Week!"

This Week in Tech Logo Leo Laporte, This Week in Tech

"Alfred now has an awesome extension system that is driving its ever expanding usefulness and numerous improvements to other features. There are only two types of Mac users: those that use Alfred and those that should use Alfred."

Mac AppStorm Logo Joshua Johnson, Mac AppStorm

"It’s a sublime productivity and launcher app with an impressive selection of features and customization options."

TheNextWeb Logo Nick Summers, TheNextWeb

"Alfred is, for me, Just Right. It can do a lot more than Spotlight, but it doesn’t overwhelm you with options or intimidate you with complexity."

Macworld Logo Dan Miller, Macworld

"Alfred (with PowerPack) is one of the few Mac apps that I use daily and that I don’t think that I could live without."

ZDNet Logo Jason O Grady, ZDNet

Some of our Favourite Quotes from Twitter

@alfredapp is like a fine wine... the longer you have it the better it gets.

twitter image for @conigs Paul Conigliaro, @conigs

The new @alfredapp with iOS remote? Ridiculously genius! The first decent iOS remote control for Mac I've ever seen.

twitter image for @gpmack G. Philip MacKenzie, @gpmack

@alfredapp has to be one of the greatest Mac apps ever. Seriously.

twitter image for @bruschill Brandon Ruschill, @bruschill

@alfredapp just keeps getting better and better. Using it to control my lights is more convenient than any remote or webapp

twitter image for @mast3rof0 Chris Johnson, @mast3rof0

With out a doubt @alfredapp is by far my most valuable low-friction/daily tool for OS X. Great invisible UX.

twitter image for @stephenmeszaros Stephen Meszaros, @stephenmeszaros

@alfredapp, you never cease to delight me. Thanks for being the best software purchase I've ever made. Keep up the stellar work guys!

twitter image for @NotDuncanSmith Duncan Smith, @NotDuncanSmith

@alfredapp The best of the best! Been using it for a long time now and my average use per day just keeps going up!

twitter image for @aevarisak Ævar Ísak Ástþórsson, @aevarisak

man, really loving my new @alfredapp power pack. I keep finding myself pleasantly surprised at all the things it can do

twitter image for @misskallisto Nina, @misskallisto

Discovered @alfredapp today and it is blowing my mind. Goodbye dock. Goodbye Finder. Alfred is now in control. #amazing

twitter image for @bodiequirk Bodie Quirk, @bodiequirk

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