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Search Automation Tasks in Workflows

Automation Tasks are the easiest way to create a workflow without a single line of code.

As of today, there are over 200 Automation Tasks you can use to perform specific tasks in macOS completely script-free.

Use Automation Tasks to merge files into a single PDF, crop and resize images automatically, transform text and URLs or move and manage windows on your Mac, there's an Automation Task for that!

You can browse Automation Tasks by adding an Automation Task object to the workflow canvas, and opening its configuration - but that's not the only way to peruse them!

Automation Tasks - Browsing ATs

Adding Automation Tasks to your Palette search

Did you know that you can also add Automation Tasks to the Workflow Palette search to quickly search all actions as you build your workflow?

When you search the Palette, all tasks will be included in results, identifiable by their hexagonal object shape.

New Safari Window AT in the Palette results

To do this, open Alfred's Preferences to the Workflows tab, click the "Alfred Gallery" menu at the bottom of the sidebar on the left, and open "Automation Task Options..."

Check the box to "Show Automation Tasks in editor palette search results" to include them in the Palette search.

Automation Task Options, adding them to Palette results

Hot tip: Check the box to "Automatically keep Automation Tasks up to date" while you're there, as we often release new Automation Tasks, so Alfred will take care of keeping these updated in the background for you.

You can now use the / or \ shortcuts to start searching the Palette, then type the name of the Automation Task or workflow object you need, and press Return to add it to the canvas.

Practical Automation Task workflow examples

We've shared a few everyday use examples of Automation Task based workflows as inspiration:

Need help creating the perfect workflow? Have an idea for a new Automation Task? Join us on the Alfred forum and share your creations with the community. :)

Discover Alfred Workflows: Languages and References

Let's take a look at language and reference workflows you can keep at your fingertips, one of the many ways Alfred can help you be more efficient!

Dictionary & Reference

First, you can try Alfred's built-in dictionary feature with the keywords "define" and "spell". Next, these are excellent workflows, hosted on the Alfred Gallery and reviewed by our team.

Power Thesaurus Power Thesaurus by Giovanni Coppola
Search for synonyms and antonyms on

Word Reference Word Reference by Alex Martin
Lookup words on

Urban Dictionary Urban Dictionary by Arthur Pinheiro
Search Urban Dictionary

Phonetic Spelling Phonetic Spelling by Giovanni Coppola
Spell out words using phonetic alphabets

Writing Assistance

Need help getting your writing done? Word count workflows and AI assistance will help you set the tone.

Word and Character Count Word and Character Count by Stephen Christy
Display number of words and characters in selected text

Writing Assistant Writing Assistant by Chris Grieser
Autocorrect, synonym suggestions, and rephrasings using OpenAI

ChatGPT / DALL-E ChatGPT / DALL-E by the Alfred Team
Use OpenAI's ChatGPT to ask questions and get help writing

Translation Workflows

Without a workflow, you can use the built-in "translate" keyword in Alfred followed by the text you want to translate to launch Google Translate in your default browser.

For in-line results and more configurability, these are two excellent translation workflows.

Translate Translate by Nikita Meshchaninov
Translate Text between two languages

DeepL Translate DeepL Translate by Alexander Willner
Translate sentences with DeepL

These are just a few of the workflows you can install to help you write your finest essay! Browse the Alfred Gallery and join us on the forum to make the most of Alfred's features.

Watch Alfred Videos on YouTube

Did you know that you can now discover Alfred's features on YouTube?

Thumbnail Navigation video

We recently started publishing videos to help you get the most out of Alfred's extensive range of features.

Whether you'd like to customise your fallback searches, are curious about workflows like the new ChatGPT integration, or keen to discover how to play games in Alfred, we're keeping our videos short and sweet so that you can get all the knowledge quickly and efficiently.

Be sure to subscribe on YouTube to get notified when we publish new ones, and let us know if there are specific topics you'd like to see covered in video.

We'd love it if you could help us get the word out by sharing these videos with your friends and colleagues. Over the coming months, we'll be creating many more, introducing you to both new features and existing ones you might not know exist!

Alfred 5.5 Released: Exciting New Workflow Views for Richer Interactions

Alfred 5.5 is now available, with the huge exciting addition of the Grid, Text, Image and PDF views that bring your Alfred results to life in a whole new way!

You can take a look at what's new in Alfred 5.5 in more details here.

Download Alfred 5.5 from or update in-app from the Update tab. Once you've installed the update, take a look at some of the new workflows that take advantage of the new Views:

ChatGPT / DALL-E Integration

Have a conversation with ChatGPT and create images using DALL-E, OpenAI's AI models.

Download the ChatGPT / DALL-E workflow

DALL-E 3 image of a cat on a rooftop looking over a city at night

Test your brain with the Memory Pairs game

How many moves will it take you to match all of the robots, or wizards and fairies?

Download the Memory Pairs game workflow

Memory Pairs game

Thumbnail Navigation

Navigate your Mac's files and browse documents and images with handy preview thumbnails.

Download the Thumbnail Navigation workflow

File Navigation workflow with images and files

Make the most of the new Views objects

Community members have already started taking advantage of the Grid View, Text View, Image View and PDF View in their workflows.

If you're a workflow creator sharing your workflows or looking for help, join us on the Alfred Forum where our community members are always there to share ideas.

Alfred 5.5 Beta: Exciting New Workflow Views & Stunning AI Integrations!

A composite image of new Alfred workflow views

Some of you may have guessed that there was something big in the works; Today, we can finally share it all with you!

Alfred 5.5 is a huge update, with loads of new ways to present results in Alfred, as well as new workflows that use these new views - including a stunning ChatGPT / DALL-E interactive workflow with Markdown support.

Today, we're starting the 5.5 Beta; It's accessible to all Alfred 5 users via the in-app update; Choose the "pre-release" option in the Update tab if you'd like to join the beta.

Take a look at What's New in Alfred 5.5 here and grab the workflows to try out the new features! You can browse Alfred results like never before with the four new views; Grid, Text, Image and PDF.

We'll post in greater details about each new Workflow View soon. We'd also love to see the workflows you create; Share them on the forum, and ask any questions you might have while you're creating your own workflows.

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If you're not yet an Alfred 5 Powerpack license holder, or would like to upgrade your older license, purchase your Alfred 5 license today.

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