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Universal Actions

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A Whole New Way to Use Alfred

Alfred 4.5 brings a new Powerpack feature; Universal Actions. Take any text, URLs or files and perform actions on them from anywhere within Alfred or on your Mac using your Universal Action hotkey.

Global Hotkey in macOS

With the new Universal Actions, you can select text in your browser, a URL in an email or a file on your Desktop and pop up Alfred's Actions panel to choose what to do with your content. Start anywhere and jump into action.

Set your hotkey in Alfred’s Preferences > Features > Universal Actions to get started.

Image of Alfred's Universal Actions panel for some text

If you're already familiar with Alfred's File Actions, you can use the same hotkey you previously used for files for Universal Actions.

Action in Alfred

Universal Actions is also deeply integrated throughout Alfred.

You can show the actions panel from Alfred's results, File Navigation, and even Clipboard History. Use the Global hotkey, or more conveniently, tap the Alfred actions shortcut to see the available actions.

Built-in Actions

Alfred offers over 60 built-in actions, such as copying to your Clipboard, saving as a Snippet, searching the web, showing recent documents for an app or extracting URLs from a block of text.

Image of Alfred's Universal Actions preferences

The Universal Actions panel only shows you the relevant actions for the type of item you've selected. Quickly filter down the actions by typing part of the action name.

Deep Workflow Integration

You can take advantage of Alfred's powerful Workflows to create your own actions, from the simplest text transformation to the most advanced script. You can string multiple actions one after the other without leaving Alfred.

Alfred will automatically include your Workflow Keyword and Script Filter objects as built-in actions. For ultimate control, you can create specific Universal Action triggers where you need them within your Workflows.

Image of Alfred's built-in Universal Actions Workflow getting started guide

We've included a built-in workflow to show you how Universal Actions work within workflows. To install the workflow, open Alfred's Workflow preferences and select
[+] > Getting Started > Universal Actions.

Direct Action Access

Fast and direct hotkey access to useful actions for the current macOS selection such as Open with, Copy, Move, Email and Recent Documents.

Image of Alfred's Action in Alfred object selected with a direct Open With action

And there's more...

The Alfred 4.5 release adds more than just Universal Actions; There are performance, Workflow and usability improvements throughout!

Want to see every single new feature and improvement? Take a look at the Change log or pop by Alfred 4's Update tab in the preferences.

Download Alfred 4 to get started! Grab a Powerpack license, or upgrade your existing license, and let's go!

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