What's New in Alfred 3?

Curious to see what's new in Alfred 3? We've put together a summary of some of the key changes in Alfred 3. There are so many new features, improvements and fixes in Alfred 3 that the best way to discover them is to jump in and play with the new features.


Alfred's Workflows have been overhauled to allow you to lay out objects and connect them in any way you want. This makes workflows even more flexible and easier to create, saving you time and repetitive tasks - and making work just more fun!

Take a look at the Getting Started guides, found under the [+] in the Workflows preferences to see them in action for yourself.

You'll find a completely new category of objects, called Utilities, which help you process the input in many ways, from filtering and replacing text to storing arguments for use later in your workflow. We've also added a "Write File" output, an incredibly useful List Filter input and more.

In Alfred 3, you can add notes and colours to your workflow objects, allowing users who import your workflows to get to grips with them right away!

To-Do List Example

Snippets and Auto-Expansion

We're thrilled to add auto-expansion to Alfred's existing Snippets feature. Save a text snippet with a short keyword, then type your keyword and watch the full text snippet replace it as though by magic!

The more snippets you create to replace text you otherwise write manually every time, the more time you'll save.

Flip the table!

Clipboard History

Alfred's very popular Clipboard History feature also received some fantastic improvements, adding images, files and hex colours to the items you can save for use later.

Set how long you want to save each type of item, and save the most important text clips as snippets from within the Clipboard Viewer.

Clipboard Viewer

Improved Theming

Theming is now quicker to use, with a simple dragging system to set sizes and the ability to use any fonts from your Mac.

Once you're done, share your theme to alfredapp.com and send the link to friends to show your true colours!

Alfred 3 Theme Editor

So much more...

Beyond the new features you can use, there have been tons of invisible changes, making Alfred faster and more efficient on your Mac. Want to see more? You can see the full Change Log to date!

It's only the beginning too; We have great plans for Alfred 3's future releases.

Ready to get started? Download Alfred 3 from our website, and grab a new Powerpack license or upgrade your license to take advantage of all these new features right away.

If you're a Mega Supporter license holder, you can get started without delay, as your license gives you a lifetime of free upgrades to Alfred for Mac!

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