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Installing Alfred

To install Alfred, download the free version from

Open the downloaded dmg file and drag Alfred from the dmg to your Mac. We've placed a convenient shortcut to your /Applications/ folder in the dmg, a location we recommend.

Alfred DMG

Once installed

Once Alfred is installed, the Preferences will pop up. You can now:

  • Set Alfred to launch at login
  • Set your Alfred hotkey (Alt + Space by default)
  • Choose your locale (country)

If you're a Powerpack user, activate your Powerpack by entering your license details on the Powerpack tab.

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Granting Alfred permissions on your Mac

In order to perform certain actions on your Mac, Alfred will require various permissions. This allows Alfred to simulate key combinations, perform text replacement when using snippet keywords, as well as showing Contacts and Bookmarks in your search results.

Alfred will ask for permissions when you first launch Alfred 4, but you can also find a quick-access "Request Permissions..." button in Alfred 4's General Permissions. Find out more about granting Alfred the necessary permissions.

Using the Mac App Store version

Alfred 4 is exclusively available from, and so are the Powerpack features.

You'll find an older version 1.2 of Alfred on the Mac App Store. Due to some restrictions Apple have put in place for developers on what type of updates are allowed on the Mac App Store, we are no longer updating this version. To stay up to date, use the version of Alfred from our website.

Here's a blog post explaining why we chose to keep Alfred outside the App Store and use Apple's Gatekeeper approach instead.

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