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Reporting a Bug

There are currently no blocking issues with Alfred. Should there be significant known issues, this page will be updated.

File Searching in Alfred

If you're experiencing issues searching for files on your Mac, this will be either a misconfiguration, or malfunctioning macOS metadata index.

Please take a look at the File Indexing Troubleshooting Guide. This guide takes you step-by-step to establish why you may not see particular files, and how to resolve the issue.

It also includes a list of the information we'll need in order to help you further if needed, so please follow all steps carefully.

Before reporting a bug, please take a look at these steps.

1. Update Alfred and macOS

Ensure that you're on the latest Alfred update, as we turn around bug fixes quickly if we encounter any. You can check for updates by going to Alfred's preferences, to the Update tab. You can check whether there are any pre-releases available by choosing "pre-releases" from the dropdown at the bottom.

Please ensure you've also checked for updates in macOS.

2. Look through the help site

Next, look through this support site and search for your issue, as we most likely have already published an answer to your question.

If your issue relates to a specific feature in the preferences, click the question mark icon in the top right of the preferences pane, which will take you to the support page specific to that feature.

3. Check the forum

Finally, take a look at the Alfred forum, as you may find that your question or issue has been discussed, and a solution may have been found. Please search the existing bug reports in the current and closed sub-forums to avoid duplicating existing reports.

4. Workflows have a debugger

If you're having an issue that specifically relates to a workflow you're using, use the debugger to see what error message the workflow may be providing. This should give you insight into what's happening.

Learn how to use the workflow debugger.

Sharing your bug report

If you've checked that your issue hasn't been reported on the help site or forum, please post in the Alfred forum's Bug Reports section, including the details below:

  • What you were doing when the issue happened
  • Whether you were able to replicate it
  • Include any screenshots that might help us
  • Include the version and build number from Alfred's General preferences (Don't say "latest", please be specific)
  • Include the version and build number from macOS and any apps that are relevant to the issue you're seeing

Please include all information that may be relevant. Where more information is required, we'll let you know.

If your report cannot be posted publicly, you can email with the details above.

Thanks for being part of Alfred's community!

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