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Using the Powerpack

The Powerpack contains a huge range of features to help you be more productive on your Mac.

To get started, download the free version of Alfred 5 from our website, and buy a new Powerpack license or upgrade an existing license.

If you've already installed Alfred 5, there's no need to install anything new! Activate your license in the preferences to unlock Alfred's Powerpack features! :) Take a look at what's new in Alfred 5.

Once you're ready to go, take a look at the Getting Started with Powerpack features section below.

Find out how to get started with the Powerpack in more details:

How do I activate the Powerpack in Alfred 5?

If you've purchased a Powerpack license, you'll need to enter your code to unlock the Powerpack features. When you complete your purchase, your license is emailed to you so if it hasn't arrived after a few minutes, please check your spam folder and filtered folders.

If you're already using the latest build of Alfred, which is free from, you don't need to download a new different version of the app.

Upgrading from an older version of Alfred? As soon as you launch it, you'll be able to enter your Powerpack details and Alfred will offer to migrate your previous settings. Find more about migrating from an earlier version.

Alternatively, if you've installed the free version of Alfred and want to enter your Powerpack details later, you can do so on the Powerpack tab.

Powerpack tab in the Preferences

Need to buy a license? You can purchase a new Powerpack license or upgrade your existing Powerpack license.

Getting started with the Powerpack features

Congratulations, you're now a Powerpack user! To learn how to make the most of the advanced functionality you've unlocked, take a look at the Features section of the website. :)

There, you'll discover how you can use the many Powerpack-only features like File Navigation, Clipboard History, Contacts Viewer, Music Mini Player, custom Theming and, most exciting of all, Workflows.

You'll also find Guides and Tutorials on searching more efficiently, setting up workflows and being more productive at your Mac.

Powerpack License FAQ

How can I recover my license?

Please take a good look in your inbox(es) for the subject line "Alfred Powerpack". If you're unable to locate your details, get in touch from your registered email address, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I have an up-to-date Powerpack license code? Can I upgrade?

Alfred 5 was released in July 2022. If you have a Single User or Family license for an earlier version of Alfred, you can upgrade at a discount.

If you're a Mega Supporter, or purchased your Alfred 4 license in 2022, you are eligible for a free upgrade; You can request your free upgrade via the upgrade page by entering your previous license details.

Look for an email containing "Alfred Powerpack" in the subject line. If you can't find your license, contact us on from your registered Powerpack email address.

Alfred tells me my license is invalid, incomplete or it can't connect to the activation server

Ensure that you are using your most current license and not an older license.

In Alfred 5, paste in your full license code block as instructed in the Powerpack preferences tab. Need help troubleshooting your activation in Alfred 5?.

In Alfred 4 and older, you need to use the email address associated with your Powerpack license, as well as all four lines of your license code. Check your spelling for your email address, and ensure you've copied the full license code.

Take a look at the Powerpack Activation Troubleshooting page for solutions for specific error messages in Alfred 4 and older.

If you continue to have difficulties, contact us on from your registered Powerpack email address and we'll be happy to help you.

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