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Updating Alfred

Once you've installed Alfred, he'll periodically check for updates automatically and notify you with a little message at the bottom of the Alfred window.

Alfred updater

In Alfred's preferences, under the Update tab, you can see a change log of what's new and set your update preferences.

You can check for two types of updates:

  • Updates: This is the default option. You'll be notified when a general release of Alfred has been fully tested and is available for everyone to use.
  • Pre-releases: If you enjoy using early releases, and understand that this beta version is usually stable and safe, but may not be complete. If you choose this option, you will receive more frequent update notifications so only select it if you're keen to help us test the next upcoming general release :)

At any time, you can choose to stop Alfred from checking for updates by unchecking the "Automatically check for updates" box at the bottom of the Update preferences.

I'm having issues update Alfred

When you launch Alfred's Update tab, if you see the "Unable to find zip" message, it's possible that access to our content delivery network CacheFly is blocked on the internet connection are using. This can be the case on corporate networks or in cafes and libraries.

If you encounter this message, simply go to and download the latest version of Alfred directly from our website. You'll be able to install this new version, which won't overwrite your existing preferences.

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