Accessing Alfred Preferences

There are five ways to get to Alfred Preferences, where you can set up and change Alfred's settings:

1. In Alfred's search box

Type "preferences" into Alfred's search box to launch the preferences.

Type Preferences into Alfred

2. From the OS X menu bar

Click on the bowler hat icon in the OS X menu bar in the top right and select "Preferences..."

3. Using the Preferences shortcut

Show Alfred's search box and use Cmd + , (comma) which is the universal OS X hotkey for an app's preferences.

4. Right-click the bowler hat in the search box

Right-click the bowler hat in the search box to show preferences, check for updates or quit Alfred.

Note: Available from Alfred 3.3 onwards.

Right-click the bowler hat

5. Use Alfred Remote

In Alfred Remote, add Alfred Preferences from the + as a button to launch it with a touch.

Whether you prefer to click, type, use a hotkey or touch the screen, there are ways to access Alfred Preferences for everyone! :)

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