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Python 2 and macOS Monterey

Python 2 has now been removed from macOS 12.3, after a decade-long transition period.

Workflow developers writing Python mostly switched to version 3, so chances are you won't notice the change.

If a workflow you use is affected:

First, check if there is an update; The Workflow's developer may have already released one which does not depend on Python 2.

Another option is to check for an alternative; If the developer no longer supports that Workflow, there may be another which still works and fits your needs.

Finally, you can reinstall Python 2 by following the guide.

Getting Updated Workflows

Keep in mind that some Workflows may need additional tweaking. Numerous Python-based workflows have been updated and can be found on the Updated Third-Party Python 2 Workflows Repository.

For help with any workflows that aren't included in the list above, pop on over to the Alfred Forum where our friendly community will be able to help.

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