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Using Workflows with Alfred Remote

Workflows are very powerful ways to extend Alfred to perform tasks that save you time or make working at your Mac more enjoyable.

With Alfred Remote, you can control your workflows from your iPhone or iPad, turning it into a command centre for your Mac.

How can I use workflows with Remote?

Remote comes bundled with a wide range of actions that can be performed at the push of a button. Workflows help you take those actions a step further by customising them to your own needs, whether you use it as a clipboard, a way to control your music player or to launch multiple actions at once on your Mac.

First, discover how to create your own workflows so that you can perform the action from your Mac.

Next, learn how to connect Remote Triggers to your workflows to add the action to your Remote screen.

If you're creating a workflow that contains Remote actions that you want to share with the world, create a workflow page so that users can add a pre-defined page of actions to their own Remote too.

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