Alfred v1

Alfred v2 was released in March 2013 and is full of great features. We recommend updating to v2 as soon as possible, so find out more about upgrading to v2. You can even migrate your settings from v1 to Alfred 2.

However, if you are looking for legacy support or have Alfred v1 questions, take a look below:

Downloading Alfred v1

If you're looking for Alfred v1, you can download Alfred 1.4 build 268.

Alfred v1 Support

While Alfred v1 is still fully functional, documentation has been upgraded to reflect the v2 features.

The features are broadly similar in v2, so use the search or the sidebar on the right to find answers to your support questions.

How can I update from Alfred v1?

If you're still using Alfred v1, we recommend upgrading to Alfred 2] to make the most of all the latest features.

If you have a Powerpack license for v1, you can buy a discounted upgrade to Alfred 2.

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