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Alfred 1

Alfred 1 is a legacy version of Alfred, which has been superseded by more recent versions of Alfred since. It is no longer supported or available for download.

Upgrading to the latest version

We recommend using Alfred 4 to take advantage of the latest features.

You can upgrade to your Powerpack license at a discount using your Alfred 1 license, but please note that there is no migration path for your Alfred 1 settings, as newer versions of Alfred are vastly different and much more powerful than Alfred 1.

Upgrade your Alfred 1 Single User at a discount, by entering your license details here:

If you're a Mega Supporter license holder, you are eligible to a free upgrade, so please contact us if you're unable to locate your license. Need more license-related help? Please contact us on from your registered Powerpack email address and we'll be happy to help you.

Upgrading from the Mac App Store

The version of Alfred (1.2) available in the Mac App Store is, and has always been, free to download. As such, there are no licenses associated to this version.

Alfred 4 and the Powerpack features are only available from our website. You can download the latest version of Alfred from our website at as well as purchase the Powerpack.

What is the difference between Alfred workflows and extensions?

Workflows are add-ons created for Alfred 2 onwards, while extensions were created for Alfred version 1.

V1 extensions will be marked as .alfredextension. They cannot be directly imported into newer versions of Alfred.

Alfred workflows will be marked as .alfredworkflow and can be imported directly into the latest version of Alfred. Note that workflows from older versions may need a few tweaks before being fully usable in the most recent version of Alfred.

Once created or modified, a workflow can only be imported in a version of Alfred at least as current as the one used to create it. In other words, if you create a workflow in Alfred 4, an Alfred 2 user won't be able to import it.

Are there any known issues in Alfred 1.2?

Alfred 1.2 continues to be generally stable many years later, but we recommend updating to Alfred 4 to make the most of the latest support and features.

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