Alfred 2

Alfred version 2 was superseded by Alfred 3 in May 2016 and is no longer developed. We recommend download Alfred 4 if you're on a current version of macOS.

Alfred 2 is supported for use on macOS up to 10.13 High Sierra. If you are using macOS 10.14 Mojave or above, we recommend upgrading to Alfred 4.

Using Alfred 2

For users who need to re-download Alfred 2, you can find it here:

While the documentation on the Help site has been updated to reflect the changes in the new version, you'll find answers to your Alfred 2 questions in the documentation too.

Upgrading to Alfred 4

To make your upgrade as smooth as possible, you'll see the Migration Assistant when launching Alfred 4 for the first time, which will help you migrate most of your Alfred 2 preferences with you.

We also offer a discounted upgrade from Alfred 2, so you can enjoy the new features too! To upgrade, enter your Alfred 2 Powerpack license details here:

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