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System Commands Action

Connect System Commands to hotkeys to quickly launch the commands you need.

The available system commands are:

  • Screen Saver
  • Show Trash
  • Empty Trash
  • Log Out
  • Sleep
  • Lock
  • Restart
  • Shut Down
  • Quit All Apps
  • Eject All

Using System Commands

Add one of the Workflow templates and select your System Command. You can choose the "Notify" version of the example workflow if you'd like to see a message in Notification Centre when the action has been performed.

Empty Trash workflow

Tip: If you've got clumsy fingers but you want to use a hotkey for a System Command, you can check the "Confirm" box in the System Command object settings. This ensures macOS will pop up a window asking you to confirm your action, making it less likely you'll do it accidentally.

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