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Post Notification Output

Adding a Post Notification object to your workflow is a great way to quickly see the output of the workflow you've just run, or confirm that a particular stage of your workflow has completed.

Post Notification

You can set the text and subtext to contain a fixed message, or use an argument or variable to change the output dynamically.

Using Post Notification Objects

You can connect a Post Notification object at any point in your workflow. For example:

  • After the starting point (a trigger or input) of your workflow to let you know the workflow has started running
  • At the end of a workflow or script, to notify you when it's finished processing your task

Post Notification Prefs

Additional Configuration

You may choose to only show the Post Notification if the input into the object isn't empty.

Check "Last path component" and/or the "Remove extension" checkboxes if you only want to show the file name from an input that contains a full path.

For example, an input of ~/Documents/myfiles/thisfile.txt would then be displayed as thisfile without the path or extension in your Post Notification.

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