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Grid View

New in Alfred 5.5

The Grid View is a great way to present images, results and files in a customisable, scriptable and filterable view. Optionally, you can include an input field at the top to filter the results further.

Memory Pairs Game

We've created a fun Memory Pairs game using the Grid View; Download it on the Alfred Gallery.

Using the Grid View

The Grid View object allows you to better view and navigate items where images are the focus.

The view is scriptable and can be populated by outputting its JSON format.

Script Source Configuration

Object Input Source

Object Input accepts a list of file paths or the expected JSON format. When passing a file list, the ones which can be previewed (such as images and PDFs) will show their contents, while others will present their file icon. On , with or without modifiers, the full path to the selected file is sent to the next object.

Object Input example

Script Source

Items can be populated by using a script that outputs the expected JSON format. It is the same as the Script Filter JSON format, with a few small differences.

Script Source example

The Short Movies workflow uses a script source; Download the Short Movies workflow on the Alfred Gallery.

With the optional input field, scripts are run once instead of on every keystroke. It behaves in the same manner as the "Alfred filters results" option with match mode set to "Word matching - Any order". The rerun key is unused.

A new top-level key is available:

preselect : STRING (optional)

Automatically selects the item whose uid matches the value.

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