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Resetting the Sync Folder to the default folder

If you are currently syncing your preferences, you may want to stop syncing and make your preferences local again.

This is currently a manual, but relatively simple process:

  1. Locate your synced Alfred.alfredpreferences package by navigating to it in Finder, or using the Preferences > Advanced > Syncing > Reveal in Finder button.
  2. Quit Alfred from either the Alfred hat in the macOS menu bar, or the Quit Alfred button in Alfred's General preferences.
  3. Move Alfred.alfredpreferences file to ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/ in your home folder. If there is already an alfredpreferences file in this location, it may be a barebones or previous preferences file from before configuring Sync. Temporarily backup this old preferences package.
  4. Delete ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/prefs.json which resets where Alfred looks for the preferences.
  5. Restart Alfred and check your preferences are as expected. Also check that the Preferences > Advanced > Syncing setting reads "Not Synced".

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