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Corporate Licensing

In order to better serve our business customers, we offer a corporate licensing scheme, which allows companies to buy discounted license seats in bulk and efficiently distribute them to their teams. Licenses are available for bundles of 5 seats or more.

What are the benefits of corporate licensing?

  • Single license key for the entire team
  • Volume-based discount up to 40%
  • Ability to top up your seat allocation at your convenience
  • Corporate license seats are tied to a device rather than a staff member

Take a look below for more details about corporate licensing and how to order a license for your team. Still have questions? Contact us on and we'll be happy to help.

It's a great way to give your team the gift of productivity!

Corporate License Questions

Corporate Licensing FAQ

How can I order a corporate license for my team?

To order a corporate license for your team, please copy the information below into an email and send your completed details to :

License details

Number of license activations you'd like to purchase:
Email domain name (e.g.

License Administrator

Email address:

Company details

Company name:
Post code/Zip code:

The order must be sent by a team member authorised to make purchases on behalf of their company. By making this order, you agree to the Alfred Terms of use. Any quotes provided by email are valid for 14 days.

Purchases are processed via the platform; Your purchase will be identified as processed by * ALFRED APP.

How are corporate license seats calculated?

Under Alfred’s corporate licensing scheme, a Powerpack license seat is defined as an activation on a unique Mac.

The following scenarios count as a single seat activation:

  • Activating the license on multiple profiles on a single Mac
  • Activating on the same Mac after it is wiped and reinstalled for a different team member's use

A seat can be re-activated as many times as required on a single Mac, without using up additional seats. Seats are non-transferrable between Macs, and expire once the Mac is shelved.

What discount rates are available for corporate volume purchases?

Corporate licensing is available for bundles of a minimum of 5 activations, with volume-based discounts ranging from 10% to 40%.

The discount is based on the price of a Single User license purchased from our website at the time of your order.

You can purchase more activations than you need right away to take advantage of better discounts; the remaining activations will be available as your team grows or more users become interested in using the Powerpack features. The larger volume purchased per invoice, the better the discount.

A fee will be applied for organisations or resellers who require additional administrative exchanges.

How will I make the payment for my team's corporate license purchase?

On receipt of the order information, we'll provide a link to our checkout process; You can make the payment using any credit / debit card or via PayPal.

Once payment has been received, we will issue the license to your chosen license administrator.

How can I top up my team's license?

Contact us on with details on how many activations you'd like to add (minimum 5 activations), and we'll provide purchase details.

How can my team upgrade to the latest version of Alfred?

Contact us if you'd like to upgrade your corporate license to the current version.

Once you've been issued your up to date license, you can distribute it to your team, who can follow the Upgrade instructions to migrate their preferences to the latest version of Alfred.

Where can my team find more information about Alfred features?

We provide various resources online, starting with our support site where you can find feature information and tutorials:

You’ll also find workflows and recent news on our blog:

The Alfred forum is also a great source of help for those creating their own workflows:

The Alfred Gallery contains many first-party workflows as well as community workflows we've reviewed:

Can I deploy the corporate license via JAMF / a pre-activation file?

Yes, your corporate license can be distributed via JAMF or a pre-activation file for your team.

We can provide the initial pre-activation file, but cannot provide support for configuration, roll out or troubleshooting with the distribution of the corporate license.

Additional Information

Licensing terms

This software is provided by Running with Crayons Ltd under the Terms & Conditions on our website ( The license is valid for use by employees of the licensed company only. The administrator is responsible for the distribution of the license to their staff.

Running with Crayons reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently invalidate a license if there is evidence of abuse or misuse outside of the license terms. In all instances, we will contact the license administrator to advise them of any issue as soon as it occurs to allow us to resolve it together.

VAT / Sales Tax

VAT and Sales Taxes are levied by, and remitted in the appropriate jurisdictions. More information on Paddle's VAT and tax handling can be found on their site.

Minimum Requirements

In order to activate using a corporate license, users need to use Alfred 4.1+ on macOS 10.11+, using a Mac with a valid serial number.

Activating the Powerpack using a corporate license requires an internet connection and cannot be activated offline.

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