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Supported Markdown Syntax

Markdown is a popular markup language for formatting text. While there is no formal universal specification, tools try to keep consistent syntax. Alfred supports Markdown in areas like a Workflow's About section and the Text View. Currently implemented:

  • Headings. Start a line with # for a level 1 heading (biggest) all the way down to ###### for level 6 heading (smallest).
  • Italic. Surround text in * or _.
  • Bold. Surrount text in ** or __.
  • Italic and bold. Surrount text in *** or ___.
  • Links. [Add the text between the square backets](
  • Images. ![Do not forget the exclamation mark](/some/image/path.png). Images have to be local. Paths are relative to the workflow directory.
  • Block quotes. Start lines with >.
  • Inline code. Surround text in `.
  • Code blocks. Add ``` in their own lines to determine the start and end of the block.
  • Unordered lists. Start lines with *, +, or -. Nest items by placing them in a new line and indenting by four spaces.
  • Ordered lists. Start lines with a number and a period (example: 1.). Items keep the number you write down. Can also be nested.
  • Horizontal rule. Have a line with only --- or ***.
  • Line breaks. End a line with two spaces to force a line break.
  • Keyboard keys. Surround text in <kbd> and </kbd>.

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