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Text View

New in Alfred 5.5

The Text View object allows you to edit and view plain text and preview Markdown.

Create a simple text editor to save reminders, or with Alfred's Markdown and image support, create a fully interactive tool.

Our fully functional ChatGPT / DALL-E workflow was created using the Text View; Take the look to discover how versatile the Text View is!

DALL-E Workflow

Using the Text View

The view is scriptable and can be dynamically updated by outputting its JSON format.

Script Source Configuration

Clicking the circle with 3 dots allows you to edit your personal global text size preferences. This customisation is used within your workflows, but isn't shared with other users when exporting the workflow.

Object Input Source

Object Input shows the text passed in from the preceding object. Depending on the configured Behaviour it can show a preview of the text, either as is or rendered from markdown, or allow you to edit it in place.

On , with or without modifiers, the full text is sent to the next object.

Object Input example

Note: If you connect a new object without modifiers to an editable Text View, use or to add a new line to the text.

File Source

Instead of raw text, you can pass in a file path to be read. Paths to images are resolved relative to the folder containing the file.

Script Source

Text in a view can be dynamically populated by using a script that outputs the expected JSON format. This mode allows for an additional input field which can be used to rerun the script with new arguments.

Script Source example

Download the ChatGPT / DALL-E workflow from the Alfred Gallery.

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