License FAQ

Where can I buy the Powerpack?

You can purchase a Powerpack license from our website, or you can upgrade your license.

Which license type should I buy?

  • The Single User License is valid for one user on two of your own Macs for the current version.
  • The Family license is valid for up to 5 Macs in a family under one roof. The Family License is not suitable for businesses or groups of friends; Please take a look at Corporate Licensing instead.
  • The Mega Supporter License is valid for one user on your own Macs, and gives you a lifetime of free Alfred for Mac updates.

Please take a look at Corporate Licensing for business discounts.

I'm already a Mega Supporter, do I have to upgrade?

No need to upgrade as your Mega Supporter license gives you a lifetime of free updates! If you can't locate your license, find out how to recover your license.

What if I own a license for Alfred v1 or v2?

If you purchased your Alfred 2 Single User or Family license during 2016, you are eligible for a free Alfred 3 license and should have received an email from us with your new license details.

If you purchased before 2016, you can still buy a discounted upgrade.

Why isn't my license eligible for upgrade?

Some license types aren't eligible for upgrades (e.g. Press licenses). If the Upgrade system gave you this error, contact us by email on and we'll be happy to help.

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