Purchasing Licenses as a Reseller

If you are a reseller purchasing Alfred Powerpack licenses on behalf of a customer, please read the documentation below in full before placing an order.

We offer two license types to suit customers' needs: Corporate licenses and Individual licenses.

Need our company information for your supplier form? It's all provided here for you.

Corporate licenses

  • For teams where 5+ seats are required
  • Volume discount and easy top-up of additional seats
  • A single license key for the whole team

Find out more about corporate licensing and how to order.

Individual licenses

  • Where a license is purchased on behalf of an individual within a company
  • Available as a Single User license (for Alfred 4) or Mega Supporter license (lifetime of free upgrades to Alfred for Mac)

Ordering individual licenses for customers

When purchasing individual licenses on behalf of clients, you must make the purchase on our website: https://buy.alfredapp.com/

Do not purchase under generic "corporate" non-specific email addresses (e.g. finance@ or it-orders@) as you're voiding your customer's future rights to upgrades and customer support.

Please ensure that the email address and name are used, and not your own. Licenses are non-transferrable, so cannot be issued to your email address to then be re-issued to the customer. Any email address change from the reseller or from a generic address to a customer's own email address will incur an administrative fee.

Paying on behalf of customers

If you wish to pay on the customer's behalf and receive a receipt, please choose the PayPal option where you can then enter card details that differ from the customer's name (which can be done without creating a PayPal account).

If you're paying in a currency other than British Pounds (GBP), choosing the PayPal option will allow you to see the exact exchange rate to US dollars in PayPal at the time of purchase. If you pay be credit/debit card, you'll see the exchange rate on your next card statement.

Additional Information for Vendor Forms

Resellers can find the necessary information to complete in-house vendor documentation below.

We do not agree, implicitly or explicitly, to any terms and conditions other than our own when you make a purchase of individual or corporate licenses.

Company Details

Alfred (https://www.alfredapp.com) is a macOS productivity application, created by Running with Crayons Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 7211061, VAT # GB160412745) at Lakin Rose, Pioneer House, Vision Park, Histon, Cambridge CB24 9NL, United Kingdom.

Licensing terms

A purchased license is valid for the current major version (e.g. 4.x), and there are no monthly or annual recurring fees. All licenses are provided digitally, and no physical media will be issued.

This software is provided by Running with Crayons Ltd under the Terms & Conditions on our website. Additional terms apply for Corporate Licenses.

Our full Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy: https://www.alfredapp.com/terms/


We do not offer reseller discounts or special arrangements for resellers.

For all license types, payment is due before the license can be issued to the customer. There are no monthly or annual recurring fees, and no auto-renewals.

We do not process your purchase ourselves or retain card details after your transaction has completed, so please do not provide credit card details when contacting us.


Running with Crayons Ltd charges a flat rate for software purchase under the VAT terms below.

  • Purchases by UK business and non-business customers and by EU non-business customers include UK VAT at the standard rate of 20%.
  • Purchases by EU business customers are outside the scope of UK VAT. VAT in the customer's country should be accounted for under the reverse charge procedure.
  • Purchases by customers outside the UK and EU are outside the scope of UK VAT.

For corporate license orders, you'll receive a PayPal invoice containing the transaction details, including your VAT ID & appropriate details for accounting purposes.

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