iTunes Command Action

Create a workflow for the iTunes Mini Player actions you want to access from Alfred's default results through keywords or through hotkeys.

The iTunes commands you can add are:

  • Play or Pause
  • Next track
  • Back track
  • Previous track
  • Random album
  • Maximum volume
  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Mute
  • Star Rating (from 1 to 5)
  • Clear rating for current track

The best way to use these hotkeys is to connect them to a hotkey for quick access to commands you want to use often without popping up the iTunes Mini Player.

Using the iTunes Command actions

Most of the actions are available through the workflow templates menu. Remember that you can add multiple actions to a single workflow as I did in my example below.

In this workflow, I've set three keywords; "random" starts a random album in iTunes, while "!great" and "!terrible" add a star rating to the currently playing song. I've also connected a hotkey to start random albums without even showing Alfred.

You can download this example iTunes controls workflow, and modify it to suit your own needs.

iTunes workflow

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