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Automation Objects

New in Alfred 5

Alfred 5 brings a new category of objects, Automations, which can be used to automate macOS and process data with pre-built actions.

Automation Task

Automation Tasks are one of the major additions to Alfred 5.

Run Shortcut

Run a Shortcut from the macOS 12+ Shortcuts app.

System Command

Perform a System Command and, optionally, add a confirmation.

Music Command

Simple controls for; Play, pause, skip, adjust the volume.

Find out more about Workflows

Discover workflows and learn how to create your own in the Workflows section.

To find out more about other workflow objects, take a look at each type:

  • Triggers: Activate Alfred from a hotkey, another Alfred feature or an external source.
  • Inputs: Keyword-based objects used to perform an action, on its own or followed by a query.
  • Actions: The objects that do most of the work in your workflows; opening or revealing files and web searches, running scripts and performing commands.
  • Utilities: Utilities give you control over how your objects are connected together and how the arguments output by the previous object is passed on to the next object.
  • Outputs: Collect the information from the earlier objects in your workflow to pop up a Notification Centre message, show output in Large Type, copy to clipboard or run a script containing the result of your workflow.

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