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Open File Action

This action opens the file or files Alfred feeds to it. Connect a Trigger (e.g. hotkey) or an input (e.g. file filter or keyword) to it.

Optionally, you can drag an application to the Open File action to tell Alfred to open the file in a particular application.

Using a File Filter with Open File

Use a File Filter input and drag in specific file types you want to open, e.g. images only. Connect your File Filter to the Open File action, and drag Safari in to open your images with Safari when using this workflow.

Open File in Safari

Specifying a file

Instead of dynamically opening the file fed through by a file filter, you can also choose a specific file you want to open with Open File. To do this, double-click the Open File object and drag your file into the left box.

Open specific file

Download the example workflow

Download the workflow used in the example above to get started with creating your own File Filter workflows.

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