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Dictionary Filter Input

The Dictionary object allows you to quickly create a workflow to spell and define in a language other than the default one used by the Dictionary Feature.

Dictionary Workflow

Using the Dictionary Filter

The Dictionary filter makes it easy to create searches for your most-used languages.

1. Add a Dictionary object to a blank workflow

Set your keyword and placeholder text. Choose the language of the dictionary you want to open.

Set your keyword and any placeholder text

Installing Dictionaries

You must install the relevant language dictionaries in the Dictionary app's preferences first. Once macOS has downloaded the dictionaries, it'll appear at the top of the Dictionary app as an available language/dictionary.

2. Connect it to an Open URL action

Add the path dict://{query} to open it in the Dictionary.

Dictionary Filter configuration

3. Optionally, add a Hotkey trigger to launch it using a hotkey.

You can trigger any workflow by connecting a Hotkey Trigger as the first workflow object.

Download the Dictionary Example Workflow

You can download the French Dictionary Example Workflow; Be sure to add the French dictionary in macOS first!

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