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Text View JSON Format

Alfred's Text View can be dynamically populated from a script which outputs the expected format.

Example JSON Format:

  "variables": {
    "fruit": "banana",
    "vegetable": "carrot"
  "rerun": 0.5,
  "response": "Fruits are the seed-bearing structures in flowering plants.",
  "footer": "Anatomy of fruits and vegetables",
  "behaviour": {
    "response": "append",
    "scroll": "end",
    "inputfield": "select"


Alfred uses the following properties to define the view's behaviour:

response : STRING

The text to show in the view.

"response": "Fruits are the seed-bearing structures in flowering plants."

footer : STRING (optional)

Text to show in the window's footer.

"footer": "Anatomy of fruits and vegetables"

actionoutput : true | false (optional, default = false)

When set to true, the Text View closes and the value of response is automatically sent to the next object.

behaviour : OBJECT (optional)

Set how the text view updates after each script rerun. Example:

"behaviour": {
  "response": "append",
  "scroll": "end",
  "inputfield": "select"

response : replace | append | prepend | replacelast (optional, default = replace)

Defines how to update the text content.

  • replace modifies the full contents of the Text View with the new response.
  • append adds the response to the bottom of the view.
  • prepend adds the response to the top of the view.
  • replacelast modifies the contents of the last response.

scroll : auto | start | end

Controls the scrolling behaviour of populating text.

  • auto scrolls to the start of the new response.
  • start scrolls to the start of the Text View.
  • end scrolls to the end of the Text View.

inputfield : clear | select (optional, default = clear)

Defines the behaviour of the input field after actioning with .

  • clear erases the text of the input field.
  • select highlights the text of the input field.

Variables / Session Variables

Variables within a variables object behave the same as their Script Filter counterpart.

Rerunning Text View scripts automatically

Rerunning a Text View script works the same as its Script Filter counterpart.

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