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Junction Utility

The junction utility is a very simple workflow object that performs no action itself, but allows you to tidy up your workflow connections.

It can be used to clean up a workflow that has numerous connection, or as a placeholder for a workflow object you'll add later on.

Using the Junction Utility

Add the junction at any point in your workflow where there are multiple input or output connections.

Here is what a workflow with two inputs and four actions looks like before using a junction; It's relatively messy and involves a lot of connections crossing over.

Using a Junction Utility to clean up a workflow - before

And here is the same workflow using a junction as a central connection point for the workflow; Not only is it tidier and easier to follow connections, it also ensures that if you needed to replace the keyword, for example, you'd only have to add one new connection instead of four.

Using a Junction Utility to clean up a workflow - after

On a larger scale workflow, the benefits of junctions are even greater!

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