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File Action Trigger

File Action triggers enable you to add custom file actions into Alfred's Universal Actions feature. This object gives you more control over file-based arguments than the Universal Actions Trigger.

Creating a File Action Trigger

By default, Alfred will always show your custom action in the list of available result actions when files are selected, unless you specify the file types for which you want your action to appear.

For example, if your action is only relevant to images and PDFs, you can drag individual files (a jpg, a png and a gif file) to add their types. Alternatively, you can add the ContentTreeType (+public.image for all types of images).

The file action trigger can then be connected to an object that will perform the relevant action.

File Action Trigger

Once created, your action will show up in the Universal Actions view when selecting files of the relevant types.

File Action Example

You may also limit the action to only showing when Single, Multiple or Single and Multiple arguments are selected. For example, select Single input arguments if your workflow only works with single file.

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