Using Dynamic Placeholders in Clipboard Snippets

When using Clipboard Snippets and Copy to Clipboard workflow outputs, Alfred offers a few handy dynamic snippets. These allow you to insert the current date, time or clipboard contents into a snippet.

The {date} and {time} placeholders use your OS X defaults. You can change these in your Mac's System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced settings under Date and Time.

Alternatively, you can use the Unicode LDML formats for dates to be more specific with your date formatting.

Dynamic Placeholder Examples

  • ISO 8601 date format: {date:yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZZZZZ}
  • Day/Month/Year: {date:dd/MM/yy}
  • 12-hr clock with time zone: {date:K:mm a, z}

Default Placeholder formats

The following default placeholder formats are available:


  • {date}
  • {date:short}
  • {date:medium}
  • {date:long}
  • {date:full}


  • {time}
  • {time:short}
  • {time:medium}
  • {time:long}
  • {time:full}

Clipboard contents

The Clipboard placeholders allow you to quickly format the text while pasting it by uppercasing, lowercasing or capitalising the contents of your clipboard. Using {clipboard} by itself simply pastes the text as plain text.

  • {clipboard}
  • {clipboard:uppercase}
  • {clipboard:lowercase}
  • {clipboard:capitals}

Cursor Placement

Use {cursor} to position the cursor somewhere other than the end of the pasted text.

Note that there are limitations to the cursor placement; Certain apps may not allow you to re-position the cursor beyond the beginning of the current line.

Need to transform your clipboard content in a more complex way? Take a look at the Workflows' Transform Utility object, which allows you to manipulate text content in more ways.

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