Debugger Utility

The Debug workflow object can be connected to any other object in your workflow. Together with the Debug Viewer, it can help you troubleshoot issues with your workflows' outputs.

Using the Debugger Utility

Add a Debug object from the Utilities objects, and attach it after the object you want to analyse.

Next, click the bug icon in the top right of your workflow to toggle the debug viewer at the bottom of your workflow. By revealing this viewer, you'll now be able to see what the object connected to your debug object is outputting.

In this first example, I've attached the Debug utility to the orange Arg and Vars object, to see what is output from it in the debug viewer at the bottom. I could attach it to any of the objects

Debug the First Arg and Vars

You can modify the view by choosing to log Interesting Information or All Information from the dropdown, as well as either showing debug information for all objects or only for selected ones, allowing you to get more precise results if needed.

Debug Configuration

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