Split Argument to Variables Utility

This utility makes it easy to split one argument into multiple variables. By specifying the delimiter, you can quickly turn one string into a set of variables for your workflow to use.

Split Argument

Using the Split Argument to Variables Utility

To use this object, specify the delimiter you want to use (comma by default), and what you want the variables to be called ("split" by default).

The output will then contain the list of variables you've just created.

Workflow Example Using the Split Arg to Vars Utility

In this workflow example, you can enter the name of a few (unwilling) participants with a comma between each name, and hit Return to find out who's doing the dishes tonight!

Who's Doing The Dishes Tonight? Workflow

The workflow uses four objects, including the Split Arg to Vars object:

  • Keyword Input: Set to the keyword "dishes" with an argument required
  • Split Arg to Vars Utility: It splits your string of names into individual variables
  • Random Utility: Randomly picks an item from your list of variables
  • Large Type Output displays in large font who's the "lucky" winner!

Download the "Who's Doing the Dishes?" Workflow and modify it to your own uses!

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