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Alfred 0.5 Change Log

[Note: See the Change log in the Help section for the full detailed change log updates]

Version 0.5 Release Notes

New features:

  • Dictionary "Spell" and "Define"
  • Basic calculator
  • Google's I'm feeling lucky added with keyword "lucky" (this will be improved in the future)
  • Wolfram Alpha added to the standard web searchers with keyword "wolfram"
  • Google translation added with keyword "translate" - Translates both sentences and websites
  • Added Flickr search with keyword "flickr"
  • Added with keyword "ask"
  • Spotlight Comments - you can set a comment of "ff" for Firefox and Alfred will find it


  • Improved hotkey selection field
  • Ability to change keywords for web searches
  • Ability to disable unwanted websites from results
  • Option to prioritise items with Spotlight Comments at the top
  • Preference to save window position
  • Option to always show subtext under results if available
  • Preference to turn off Alfred fade-in
  • Added a "Reindex" button to the experimental tab
  • Ability to configure the "Esc" key behaviour
  • Ability to disable "find" and "open" keywords
  • Experimental feature to allow a comma as decimal separator (for locales such as Germany)
  • Experimental feature to ignore the locale for Google and Wikipedia
  • Option to choose how many results are shown
  • Option to remove text at bottom of window


  • Tweaks to the dark theme
  • Correctly URL encode a + as %2b (which means things like Google calculator will now work)
  • Locale system overhauled (need to re-set your locale)
  • Remove the status bar icon before quitting so it doesn't leave a gap
  • Special characters now shown correctly in hotkey field

Known issues:

  • Iconography not updated in prefs due to time constraints
  • Search relevance needs further improvements (main focus of next release)
  • Help pages need to be populated in more details
  • Spotlight Comments don't get prioritised above standard searches (eg. Spell...)

Known bugs:

  • eBay URLs are incorrect
  • Ampersand not encoded
  • Address book: If launching a contact and there is a search in the contacts search field, the contact doesn't show
  • Window positioning not remembered on first change, but remembered from 2nd move

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