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Search Automation Tasks in Workflows

As of today, there as 218 Automation Tasks you can use to perform specific tasks in macOS completely script-free. Here's how you can use them easily in your own workflows.

Discover Alfred Workflows: Languages and References

Let's take a look at language and reference workflows you can keep at your fingertips, one of the many ways Alfred can help you be more efficient!

Alfred 5.5 Released: Exciting New Workflow Views for Richer Interactions

Alfred 5.5 is now available, with the huge exciting addition of the Grid, Text, Image and PDF views that bring your Alfred results to life in a whole new way!

Yak Saver Workflow: Using the New Expression Utility

See how you can use the new Expression Utility object in our Yak Saver workflow

Alfred 5.1 Released: Automation Tasks, Gallery Improvements and More

Alfred 5.1 was released this week; It's a major update adding a wide range of improvements to Automation Tasks and the Alfred Gallery integration, Clipboard History and Snippets, and much more.

Bringing AI to Alfred with Chatfred

Recently, Chris Lemke released a workflow for Open AI's ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 AI models. It seemed appropriate to ask ChatGPT to tell you more about the ChatGPT workflow!

Discover How to Create Your Own Alfred Workflows

Curious about creating your own workflows but not sure where to start? We've got your covered with the built-in Getting Started Guide to Workflows and the Alfred Gallery!

Alfred Gallery: Now in Early Access!

Take a first look at the Alfred Gallery

Alfred Gallery: Submit Your Favourite Workflows

The Alfred Gallery will help you discover, install and update the amazing workflows created by the community

Introduction to Automation Tasks

A primer on Automation Tasks and how to use them

Using Python 2 workflows in macOS Monterey 12.3+

Here are a few tops on how to use Python workflows in macOS Monterey 12.3+.

Using macOS Shortcuts with an Alfred workflow

When Apple's Shortcuts was released on macOS Monterey, our community started asking for ways to run shortcuts from Alfred. You’re so passionate for automation that you want to automate your automations, and we love that!

Workflow Tutorial: Using a Single Keyword for Multiple Snippets

Did you know that you can use a single snippet keyword for multiple snippets?

TinyPNG Workflow: Compress Your Images

TinyPNG is a web service that allows you to reduce the size of your images with no perceptible loss in quality, while shrinking the size of your files significantly. It's brilliantly useful, so we've made a workflow for it!

Tutorial: Share your Workflows Using GitHub

To help new workflow creators share their creations, long-time Alfred workflow creator Vítor Galvão wrote this guide to sharing your workflows on GitHub.

Universal Actions: Fine Control over Workflow Integration

How to configure which workflows appear in Universal Actions

Give Your Files Helpful Nicknames to Find Them Faster

Here's how you can launch the right app even when you use the wrong name!

Alfred 4.1 Released: Embedded Snippets, Shared Hotkeys and Lots of Love for Workflows

Today, we released Alfred 4.1, which brings a whole heap of new features and improvements in a free update to all Alfred 4 users.

Table Flip Everything: A simple workflow to turn the world upside down

We've created a workflow that lets you use the noble Table Flip emoticons to flip your world upside down.

Speeding up Workflow Hotkeys

More responsive hotkeys in workflows by selecting the best hotkey mode

Start Your Day Productively: A Workflow to Launch Your Work Environment

Here's how you can create a simple workflow to get your work environment up and running, so that you can get into your work groove.

Create Auto-Expanding Rich Text Snippets with Workflows

With a workflow, you can create snippets which includes formatted text and links.

Tutorial: Creating the Fastest Hotkey-Based Web Search

An incredibly quick way of searching the web without re-typing your query or manually launching a search.

Using Alignment Guides for Good Looking Workflows

When creating workflows, did you know that you can use object alignment guides to make your workflows look all tidy? No more misaligned objects!

Control Your Web Apps from Alfred with Zapier

Matthew Guay shares how he uses Alfred and Zapier together to control web-based services - even when they don't have a Mac app!

Manipulating Selected Text in macOS with Alfred Workflows

Alfred excels at speeding up repetitive tasks and making laborious jobs easier; Whether it's formatting text on the fly, manipulating text for convenience, a quick workflow is all it takes!

Testing Alfred 3 Using Alfred's Own Workflows

We've created workflows to unit test Alfred 3 ahead of release; See how flexible workflows are becoming in v3.

Featured Workflow: Compress images with TinyPNG

With this brilliant TinyPNG workflow, you can process images with lightning quick efficiency.

How You Use Alfred: Maxime Prades, Zendesk Director of Platform

Maxime Prades tells us how he automates everything with workflows.

Automating Your Home With Alfred Workflows

There are great Alfred workflows for controlling your home environment, including temperature, mood lighting and music. Take a look at some of our favourite ones.

Alfred 2.7 Released: New Remote features, new update notifier and more

In this new release, we've given lots of love to Alfred Remote and workflows, making some great additions to give you even more room to be creative.

Don't Miss A Date with Fantastical 2 and Workflows

The Flexibits team have just released Fantastical 2, updating their already brilliant calendar app.

Launch a URL in 3 browsers from Alfred or Remote

In this tutorial, learn how to create a workflow to launch a URL in three browsers at once by tapping an icon on your Alfred Remote for iOS.

How We (and You) Use Alfred Remote Every Day

Yesterday was an absolute hoot - thank you to everyone who bought Alfred Remote on launch day! It's great to hear that so many of you have immediately adopted Remote into your Mac life.

Getting Work Done with Slack, GitHub and Pinboard

Working smart is not the same as working hard. Alfred workflow creators know the difference, and have created some fantastic workflows to give you that extra efficiency boost when using teamwork tools.

5 Tips To Make Workflows Work Harder For You

Workflows are a great way to extend Alfred in ways that fit your particular needs and the frequent tasks in your personal routine. I've gathered a few valuable tips on organising and managing your growing collection of workflows.

Using the same keyword for multiple actions

This tutorial takes a look at how you can create a workflow using the same keyword for multiple actions, using Fitbit as an example.

10 Great Uses for Alfred's Hotkeys

Kick your keyboard control into high gear. Take a look at how you can improve your workday by adopting these ten tricks and creating a few handy hotkeys of your own.

Alfred v2.3 Released: Context-sensitive hotkeys, external triggers and more

Hot on the heels of the last release, Alfred v2.3 contains an abundance of new Powerpack features focused on workflows, including some very handy improvements for those of you who love hotkeys.

Creating an Alfred Workflow Without a Single Line of Code

This tutorial will walk you through creating a very simple workflow using Objects - without a single line of code. We'll create a search for images which opens your chosen result in Safari.

Importing and Setting Up Alfred Workflows

This tutorial will help you understand what a workflow is, how to import an existing Alfred workflow and set it up to get started with it.

Fill Your Head with Tunes: Using Spotify with Alfred Workflows

To say we use Spotify a lot would be an understatement; we listen to Spotify every day, so here's how you can use the Spotify Mini Player workflow with Alfred.

Alfred v2.2 Released: Workflow Organisation and Debugging

In today's release, we've added new organisation, filtering and copying options for workflows, as well as a new debugging tool for workflow creators.

Keep in Sync: Using Dropbox with Alfred

Dropbox has become a fairly ubiquitous service; Here's how you can sync your Alfred settings using Dropbox and use workflows that make the most of the service.

Your Brain at your Fingertips: Using Evernote with Alfred Workflows

We're taking a look at Evernote, an app we love and use daily, and show you how Alfred can be integrated with Evernote to help you make and find notes more easily.

Alfred v2.0.7 Released: Polishing v2 & Looking Forward to 2.1

Today's update, 2.0.7, beautifully rounds the initial v2 release, with heaps of improvements, bug fixes, new features and tweaks to make Alfred work more smoothly than ever.

A Look At More Brilliant Workflows

Over the past few months, the Alfred community (that's you!) have created some truly brilliant workflows. We've dug up a few more gems for you to download and enjoy!

Alfred v2 Workflows: A Few of Our Favourites So Far

Since v2 was released, Alfred users created some amazing workflows. Here are a few of our favourite ones, ranging from simple actions to mindblowingly clever use of scripts and web services.

V2 Beta: A Few Workflows to Get You Started

With v2 in beta, these are a few workflows Mega Supporters can import to get started.

V2 Sneak Peek: Advanced Workflows for Rdio, Twitter and Chrome

As we prepare for the imminent first v2 beta release, take a look at some of the early workflows coming soon.

V2 Sneak Peek: Workflows

Take a sneak peek at some of the new workflows coming to the Alfred v2 Powerpack soon.

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