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Get up-to-date information about Alfred's releases, and find out what new features and improvements are in the latest update.

Alfred 5.5 Released: Exciting New Workflow Views for Richer Interactions

Alfred 5.5 is now available, with the huge exciting addition of the Grid, Text, Image and PDF views that bring your Alfred results to life in a whole new way!

Alfred 5.5 Beta: Exciting New Workflow Views & Stunning AI Integrations!

Join the Alfred 5.5 beta to take advantage of the awesome new features.

Alfred 5.1.4 and macOS Sonoma 14.1 Working Harmoniously Together

Alfred 5.1.4 is now available. As well as updating Alfred, please update macOS Sonoma to 14.1.

Alfred 5.1.3 Released: Ready for macOS Sonoma

We released Alfred 5.1.3 in preparation for macOS Sonoma's general release.

Alfred 5.1 Released: Automation Tasks, Gallery Improvements and More

Alfred 5.1 was released this week; It's a major update adding a wide range of improvements to Automation Tasks and the Alfred Gallery integration, Clipboard History and Snippets, and much more.

Alfred Gallery: Now in Early Access!

Take a first look at the Alfred Gallery

Alfred 4.8 Released: Improved Support for macOS 13 Ventura

Alfred 4.8 is now available and brings improvements to support changes in macOS Ventura, which was released recently.

Alfred 5.0.1 is now available

Following our feature-filled and stable Alfred 5 release, we bring you 5.0.1 which fixes a few spellings, tweaks a few features, and improves accessibility even further.

Alfred 5 Early Access is Now Available!

Earlier today, we announced that Alfred 5 is now available for those who'd like to take part in our Early Access.

Alfred 4.6.5 Released: 1Password 8 Workflow Integration

Find out more about the new workflow-based 1Password 8 integration

Alfred 4.6 Released: Ready for macOS Monterey

We released Alfred 4.6 in preparation for macOS Monterey's general release

Alfred 4.5 Released: Universal Actions, a Whole New Way to Use Alfred

Alfred's new Universal Actions release is now available to everyone!

Alfred 4.5: New Universal Actions Feature in Pre-Release

Alfred 4.5 is a very exciting major update to Alfred, bringing you a whole new way to use Alfred.

Alfred 4.3.1 Released: Improvements to Theming, Workflows and More

Last week, we released Alfred 4.3.1, which contains improvements to theming, workflows as well as general refinements.

Alfred 4.3 Released: Gorgeous Theming and Feature Improvements

Alfred 4.3 is here, full of lovely theming improvements for Big Sur for you to enjoy!

Alfred 4.2.1 Released: Ready for macOS 11 Big Sur

Alfred is ready for Big Sur, and Alfred 4.2.1 offers full support for this new version of macOS.

Alfred 4.1 Released: Embedded Snippets, Shared Hotkeys and Lots of Love for Workflows

Today, we released Alfred 4.1, which brings a whole heap of new features and improvements in a free update to all Alfred 4 users.

Alfred 4.0.5 Released: Improved Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina

Alfred 4 is fully macOS 10.15 Catalina-ready. Take a look at how to make the most of Catalina and Alfred.

Alfred 3.8 Released: Signed, Sealed and Notarised

This week, we released Alfred 3.8, which includes the new Notarisation security feature for macOS Mojave.

Alfred 3.7.1 Released: Improvements for macOS Mojave

Today, we've released Alfred 3.7.1, which includes improvements for macOS Mojave support.

Alfred 3.7 Released: macOS 10.14 Mojave Support

Today, we released Alfred 3.7, which brings support for macOS Mojave.

Alfred 3.6 Released: Improvements to Bookmarks, Snippets, Clipboard and more

Alfred 3.6 was released yesterday, and brings improvements to the new Bookmarks feature, as well as to Snippets and Clipboard search, File Navigation, Workflows and more!

Alfred 3.5 Released: New Bookmarks Feature, High Sierra Support and More

Alfred 3.5 brings you a new bookmarks feature, improvements to workflows and other features, as well as support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Alfred 3.4 Released: Huge Snippets Improvements and New Workflow Object

Alfred 3.4 is a stunning release; It's so feature-filled, that it's challenging to summarise all the new additions in one blog post!

Alfred 3.3 Released: Access to Clipboard for Workflows and Snippets Added

This release adds access to clipboard history items for workflows and snippets, better control over 1Password vaults, a new way to access preferences and much more.

Alfred 3.2.1 Released: New Play Sound Object, File and Clipboard Improvements

Really, we should have called this release 3.3, as it's more than a simple bug-fix release, but Andrew couldn't resist a release number as entertaining as 3.2.1.

Alfred 3.2 Released: A Whole Heap of Improvements to Workflows, Snippets & 1Password

The 3.2 release brings numerous improvements, so take a look for more details on what's new!

Alfred 3.1 Released: Workflows and Performance Improvements

Today, we released Alfred 3.1, bringing some new additions and improvements to workflows and Alfred generally.

Alfred 3.0.3 and 2.8.6 Released: Ready for macOS Sierra

Alfred 3.0.3 and 2.8.6 are both now available for download

Alfred 3.0.1: Enhanced performance and improvements to a solid Alfred 3 release

On Tuesday, we released 3.0.1 as a first round of improvements to the initial release; It's been an incredibly smooth release, but these improvements iron out the few small kinks we've encountered.

Alfred 2.8.2 Released: 1Password compatibility improvements and more

Yesterday, we released Alfred 2.8.2, which includes improvements to Alfred's integration with the 1Password password manager, as well as general improvements to Alfred.

Alfred 2.8.1 Released: Compatibility improvements for OS X El Capitan and performance enhancements

Today, we released Alfred 2.8.1, which includes compatibility improvements for Apple's OS X 10.11, El Capitan.

Alfred 2.8 Released: JavaScript added, focus improvements and El Capitan-ready

Today, we released Alfred 2.8, which includes improvements to a number of features.

Alfred 2.7.3 Pre-Release to Improve Window Focus Reliability

We've popped a new pre-release out today to improve reliability of the new non-activating window focus in Alfred introduced in 2.7.2, which affected a small number of users.

Fresh Updates to Alfred 2.7.2 and Alfred Remote 1.1 Available Today!

It's a double-whammy release today; Alfred 2.7.2 and Alfred Remote 1.1 are both available for download!

Alfred 2.7.2 Now In Pre-Release

For those who enjoy helping us test pre-releases, you can now update to Alfred 2.7.2.

Alfred 2.7.1 Released: A quick fix and a bonus feature!

We pride ourselves on new releases that are not only feature-filled but also stable and bug-free. In yesterday's release, a small issue slipped in that affected Python-based workflows specifically.

Alfred 2.7 Released: New Remote features, new update notifier and more

In this new release, we've given lots of love to Alfred Remote and workflows, making some great additions to give you even more room to be creative.

Alfred Remote Now Available on the iTunes App Store

Today, we're thrilled to announce the launch of Alfred Remote for iOS on the iTunes App Store. We've been giving you teasers for a few months, but it's now well and truly here - and it's great fun to use!

Alfred 2.6 in Pre-Release

This is a brief post to let you know that Alfred 2.6 is now in pre-release, ahead of this afternoon's general release of Alfred 2.6 and Alfred Remote for iOS.

Alfred v2.5.1: 1Password 5 Support and Yosemite Tweaks

This release adds support for the new 1Password 5, and brings improvements to workflow search.

Alfred v2.5 Released: Fully Yosemite-ready, secure searches and more

Alfred v2.5 contains both visible improvements and subtle tweaks; Take a look at the highlights for this release.

Alfred v2.4 Released: New Yosemite themes and fonts, improved fuzzy search and more

This release improves the user experience in Apple's newly released OS X Yosemite, adds improvements to themes, fuzzy matching in File Navigation and improvements to workflows.

Alfred v2.4: Yosemite fixes and many improvements

Release 2.4 adds better support for saving Alfred's preferences in OS X Yosemite Preview 4, as well as a whole host of amazing new improvements including two brand new Yosemite themes.

Alfred v2.3 Released: Context-sensitive hotkeys, external triggers and more

Hot on the heels of the last release, Alfred v2.3 contains an abundance of new Powerpack features focused on workflows, including some very handy improvements for those of you who love hotkeys.

Alfred v2.2 Released: Workflow Organisation and Debugging

In today's release, we've added new organisation, filtering and copying options for workflows, as well as a new debugging tool for workflow creators.

Alfred V2.1 Released: Mavericks Has Landed

Alfred 2.1 and 2.1.1 were released to add full support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks, including searching tags with "tags", Apple Maps support and more.

Alfred V2.0.8 Released: 1Password 4 Beta Compatibility

This release adds compatibility for the highly anticipated 1Password 4 by AgileBits.

Alfred v2.0.7 Released: Polishing v2 & Looking Forward to 2.1

Today's update, 2.0.7, beautifully rounds the initial v2 release, with heaps of improvements, bug fixes, new features and tweaks to make Alfred work more smoothly than ever.

Alfred V2.0.4 Released: Tweaks & Performance Improvements

​Version 2.0.4 brings many improvements to Alfred 2's new features, with even better performance and robustness. It also sets the foundation for the exciting plans we have for v2.1.

Alfred v2.0.1: Importing Settings from Alfred v1

This release adds the ability to import your Alfred 1 settings into Alfred 2 to make your upgrade smoother.

Alfred v1.3.3 Released to Support iTunes 11.0.2 Changes

Apple released iTunes 11.0.2 today, making a few changes to its AppleScript support, and Alfred 1.3.3 fixes the minor issues some users experienced with the Mini Player.

First Alfred v2 Beta Now Available for Mega Supporters

After many months of hard work, we can finally share the first Alfred v2 beta. As you've seen from the recent sneak peeks, there are huge improvements and some great new features.

Alfred 1.3.1 Released: Notification Centre for Mountain Lion Users

Release notes for Alfred 1.3.1: The main new feature of this release is especially for Mountain Lion users; you can now use Notification Centre instead of Growl for extensions and general Alfred notifications.

Alfred 1.3 Released: Multi-file Actions, QuickLook, Compact View and more

Release notes for Alfred 1.3 - Lots of lovely additions, including the multi-file buffer, QuickLook file preview, improvements to 1Password integration and more.

Alfred 1.2 Released: 1Password Integration, Large Type, New Themes, Clipboard Merge and more!

Release notes for Alfred 1.2 (May 2012), announcing the new integration with numerous new features and improvements.

Alfred 1.1 Released: Address Book, Filter Actions & More Improvements

Release notes for Alfred 1.1, bringing you improvements to Address Book, Hotkeys and Extensions.

Alfred 1.0 is here: Pop the champagne!

It's with immense pride and excitement that we released version 1.0 of Alfred today. A major milestone for us, having spent the past two years creating this app and getting to know the awesome Mac community that surrounds us.

Alfred 0.9.9 Brings Extensions & New Free Theme!

Release notes for Alfred 0.9.9, bringing in the awesome first iteration of the Extensions feature.

Alfred 0.9 brings Global Hotkeys, Terminal commands and Sync

Alfred 0.9 is now available: This is one of the most significant releases, bringing you many new features and improvements and really expanding the scope of what's possible to do with Alfred.

Release 0.8.2 brings Address Book, Theme Sharing and more

Yesterday, we released Alfred version 0.8.2, which contains more features, improvements and bug fixes than any previous release.

Release 0.8.1 comes early

We are releasing version 0.8.1 earlier than expected today. As many of you know, the Mac App Store went live at the end of last week and the Alfred core (0.8) was a very popular download.

Alfred 0.8 - Snippets, Recent Docs and More!

Release notes for Alfred 0.8 (December 2010), adding Clipboard Snippets, the "Eject" command, the ability to customise fallback searches and the much-loved usage stats!

Alfred 0.8 and beyond!

As 0.8 draws closer to being ready (1st dev release likely within the next week), I thought I would go over some of the motivations behind this release and give a bit of a sneak peek at some features between now and 1.0.

Alfred 0.7.2 Brings Clipboard History

Release notes for Alfred 0.7.2 (October 2010) announcing the release of the brand new Clipboard History feature, as well as improvement to the File System Navigation and iTunes Mini Player.

Baking Alfred - The Release Cycles

I love interacting with our Twitter followers, giving them sneak peeks of things I am working on for Alfred. Screenshots of upcoming features, discussing future ideas. However, this poses a bit of a problem.

Alfred 0.7.1 Brings iTunes Improvements

Release notes for Alfred 0.7.1, published in September 2010. Includes updates to Alfred's iTunes integration and Mini Player.

The Powerpack & 0.7 beta now available

Following a solid week of testing and tweaking, the Powerpack is now available. The feedback we received from you has been mindblowingly positive and you seem to be having as much fun using the new features as we are.

Release 0.6.4 Beta: More Speed & Sparkle

We've been working tirelessly on the latest few versions of Alfred, adding plenty of new functionality for your enjoyment. Take a look at some highlights from release 0.6.4.

Release 0.6 Beta Now Available

A lot of work has gone into 0.6, from adding new features to optimising what's already there for speed and efficiency. In summary, here are some of the key changes.

Release 0.5.6 Beta: Alfred Five Weeks On

It's now just over a month since we first launched Alfred. The first thing we'd like to say is a huge thank you to the +13,000 people who have downloaded Alfred.

Alfred 0.5 Change Log

Release notes for Alfred 0.5, March 2010 - Adding features like the dictionary, basic calculator, numerous new web searches, and more.

Alfred App beta: Looking back at the first week

Today is Sunday, 7th March. It's been a week since Alfred was first released out to beta users, and version 0.4.1 goes out today. To be honest, it's hard to believe it's only been a week!

Alfred 0.4.1 Change Log

Changelog for Alfred 0.4.1 - Alfred's second release in 2010.

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