Alfred 5.5 is here - Find out what's new

Alfred 0.9.9 Brings Extensions & New Free Theme!

Release notes for Alfred 0.9.9, bringing in the awesome first iteration of the Extensions feature.

Alfred 0.8 and beyond!

As 0.8 draws closer to being ready (1st dev release likely within the next week), I thought I would go over some of the motivations behind this release and give a bit of a sneak peek at some features between now and 1.0.

Alfred 0.7.2 Brings Clipboard History

Release notes for Alfred 0.7.2 (October 2010) announcing the release of the brand new Clipboard History feature, as well as improvement to the File System Navigation and iTunes Mini Player.

Release 0.6.4 Beta: More Speed & Sparkle

We've been working tirelessly on the latest few versions of Alfred, adding plenty of new functionality for your enjoyment. Take a look at some highlights from release 0.6.4.

Release 0.5.6 Beta: Alfred Five Weeks On

It's now just over a month since we first launched Alfred. The first thing we'd like to say is a huge thank you to the +13,000 people who have downloaded Alfred.

Alfred 0.5 Change Log

Release notes for Alfred 0.5, March 2010 - Adding features like the dictionary, basic calculator, numerous new web searches, and more.

Alfred 0.4.1 Change Log

Changelog for Alfred 0.4.1 - Alfred's second release in 2010.

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