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Alfred 2.7.3 Pre-Release to Improve Window Focus Reliability

We've popped a new pre-release out today to make a few improvements on last week's 2.7.2 release.

Improving reliability of non-activating window focus

This pre-release is primarily intended to improve reliability of the new non-activating window focus in Alfred introduced in 2.7.2, as a small number of users seemed to encounter an issue where Alfred wouldn't appear as expected when using the set hotkey.

Compatibility mode

As a side-effect of the window focus changes in 2.7.2, an even smaller number of users who use Java applications (e.g. IntelliJ) were encountering odd Java-related behaviour when trying to paste from Alfred's clipboard history - a Java caching issue which affects all OS X clipboard managers. To alleviate this, we've added a Compatibility mode, allowing Alfred to act like an app (as opposed to a non-activating panel) and take focus when in use.

Focusing in Standard Mode

This may also help if you use keyboard remapping tools, such as Karabiner. However, the Karabiner developer has already updated the latest beta to support the new activating style of Alfred 2.7.2.

You can choose Compatibility mode in Alfred's Appearance > Options preferences.

JavaScript language for workflow scripts

As a little addition for our workflow developers, Andrew has added JavaScript as a language option for workflow scripts.

JavaScript option in workflows

Note that if you use this JavaScript option, your workflow will only be compatible with Yosemite and above. Also, as this is a brand new addition, please let us know your experiences with it.

Should I update?

As most users are not affected by this, there's no need to update to the pre-release if your hotkeys are working normally.

If this issue affects you or you'd like to play with the new JavaScript language option, launch Alfred's preferences to the Update tab. At the bottom, choose "pre-releases" from the dropdown and download the 2.7.3 pre-release.

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