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Alfred 3.1 Released: Workflows and Performance Improvements

Today, we released Alfred 3.1, which brings you new workflow objects, as well as tons of great performance improvements.

Three new workflows objects have been added; A "Hide Alfred" utility, and the "Dispatch Key Combo" and "Call External Trigger" output objects.

The "Call External Trigger" output is a powerful new output object which allows you to call a workflow trigger directly. This not only removes the need to use AppleScript to loop-back in a workflow, it gives the flexibility of passing through the current argument and stream variables. It also allows you to create callback-style functions from one workflow to another. Take a look at the new example in the Getting Started workflows collection in 3.1 to see this object in context.

The new "Dispatch Key Combo" output simulates a keypress in OS X as an output from a workflow.

We've also made significant performance improvements in many areas, giving you an even faster and more reliable experience. In particular, responsiveness has been improved when a Mac is under load, as well as making the Actions panel and Large Type snappier.

To find out more about the numerous other improvements in this release, take a look at the complete change log.

You can update to Alfred 3.1 from Alfred's Update preferences or by downloading it directly from

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