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Alfred 3.8 Released: Signed, Sealed and Notarised

This week, we released Alfred 3.8, which includes the new Notarisation security feature for macOS Mojave.

Notarisation was introduced in macOS Mojave as an extension of Gatekeeper. When we submit an Alfred build to Apple's notary service, it automatically scans the app for malicious content, checks for any code-signing issues, then notarises the app so that we can release it to you.

Apple's intention is that, by having more granular control over software distributed outside of the Mac App Store, Mac users can have even more confidence in the apps they use.

In practice, it simply means that Alfred will show you this message when you launch it for the first time.

macOS notice on launch that Alfred is notarised

It's only subtly different from the previous notice, but includes the "Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected." message, confirming that the app was notarised.

Click "Open", and you'll be back to your superbly productive self with Alfred's help!

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