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Alfred App beta: Looking back at the first week

Today is Sunday, 7th March. It's been a week since Alfred was first released out to beta users, and version 0.4.1 goes out today. To be honest, it's hard to believe it's only been a week!

Last Sunday evening, after a stretch of solid development, we decided to put Alfred out there, planning to have a nice quiet beta, sharing it with our immediate Twitter followers and Mac-using friends.

We should have foreseen it: Putting a beta invite on Twitter is like announcing a house party on Facebook. If it looks any good, everyone will want it and you'll turn around and have 100 people in your swimming pool! Thankfully, everyone was very polite and nobody threw the TV into the pool. (Phew...)

As a result of that quiet-beta-on-steroids, we received more useful feedback in the first week than we could've dreamed of. Over the past few days, we built on top of the first release to include many of the smaller preferences/functionality that you requested;

  • More locations have been added.
  • A smaller, less intrusive hat for the menu bar & the ability to hide it altogether
  • Custom key combinations to open Alfred
  • Added System Preferences Panels to default search (eg. "Appearance")

You can view the full change log here

The fancier features and advanced preferences will be added over the coming months, so please be patient with us as we integrate new ideas.

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