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Fresh Updates to Alfred 2.7.2 and Alfred Remote 1.1 Available Today!

It's a double-whammy release today; Alfred 2.7.2 and Alfred Remote 1.1 are both available for download! On your Mac, go to the Update tab in Alfred or download from For Remote, check for updates in the iTunes App Store.

What's new in Alfred?

First, in Alfred 2.7.2, we've significantly improved Alfred's focusing behaviour, where Alfred no longer takes the focus away from OS X to operate. What does this mean? It'll make Alfred feel smoother to use, especially on multi-screen setups where the focus occasionally went back to the wrong window.

We've also updated the iTerm integration and made loads of changes under the hood, which should ensure your Alfred experience continues to be pleasant as ever!

And what's new in Remote?

The confirmation for System Commands has been moved from the Mac (where previously, a box popped up for you to confirm the action) to a double-tap action on iOS. In this new version, on iOS, tapping an action that requires confirmation will show a "Tap to confirm" message under the action icon.

This release also includes iOS 9 support, fixes and improvements to the navigation experience, to give you the most straightforward setup possible.

Get more done with our new tutorials

Once you've updated, take a look at our newly revamped Guides and Tutorials section for tips on being more productive with Alfred, using Powerpack features and making the most of Remote.

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