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Release 0.8.1 comes early

We are releasing version 0.8.1 earlier than expected today. As many of you know, the Mac App Store went live at the end of last week and the Alfred core (0.8) was a very popular download. However, we were approached by Apple this evening, who asked us to re-submit a new build as the current one was in breach of their terms and conditions.

As a result, we are releasing 0.8.1, both in the App Store and out of it, earlier than originally anticipated. While the new features and fixes have been thoroughly tested by our pre-release users, there is a small number of Powerpack users who may be affected by a migration issue where their preferences disappear. Fear not, they're still accessible, safely backed up, and you can find more details here.

Naturally, 0.8.1 doesn't have all of the features originally intended for this release so you can look forward to 0.8.2, which will include import/export of colour themes and more.

We want to end this hurried post by thanking all of our Twitter users who, over the past few hours, have helped us test the latest release. We couldn't do it without you guys!

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