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Alfred 3.2 Released: A Whole Heap of Improvements to Workflows, Snippets & 1Password

On Tuesday, we released Alfred 3.2, which contains a huge number of improvements to our favourite features.

As usual, you can grab the latest release in-app or, if you haven't updated to Alfred 3 yet, you can download it from

Build Better Workflows Faster

Creating workflows has become even quicker; Drag from a connection point to an empty space, and the object menu will automatically pop up to allow you to add a new object. Try it for yourself to see how efficiently you can build up a new workflow.

Adding new objects

Script filters have also seen significant improvements; Your script output can now tell Alfred to re-run the script after a set period of time. Take a look at the "Advanced Script Filters" workflow in Getting Started to see this in action.

There have been quite a few more enhancements to script filters, which we'll share in more details in upcoming blog posts. Take a look at the Change Log in the meantime.

Hotkeys can now pass the currently focused app through to the workflow as a variable, which means you can use one hotkey to perform many different actions depending on the app context.

The Getting Started "Advanced Hotkeys" built-in workflow shows you how you can use this awesome new feature in your own workflows.

Using advanced hotkeys in Alfred 3

Even Better Snippets

We've added a {cursor} placeholder to the dynamic placeholders you can use in your pasted snippets - including Alfred Remote and "Copy to Clipboard" outputs - so that the cursor automatically moves from the end of the snippet to a pre-defined position.

Apps can use secure input on your Mac to stop other apps from being able to recognise your keystrokes (e.g. in password fields), but this can occasionally remain active when it shouldn't.

To help you identify which app is preventing text expansion, you'll find a warning shown in your Snippets preferences. You can then quit or restart the responsible app if necessary.

Snippet locked secure input in Alfred 3

1Password Teams & Families Now Supported

Great news for 1Password users; As soon as 1Password 6.5 is released, Alfred will show you results from multiple vaults, including your 1Password Teams or Families vaults.

You'll be able to view all item types too; Non-login items, such as Secure Notes, will be opened in 1Password Mini.

And Much More...

Version 3.2 is a significant release with many more new features and improvements than the ones we've highlighted above, so dive into the Change Log if you'd like to see what else is new. :)

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